Graffiti Removal in Cardiff

We have years of experience in the treatment and removal of graffiti. We have worked on many small domestic graffiti jobs and large commercial buildings removing aerosols and permanent marker graffiti. Our graffiti cleaning products are carefully selected to be environmentally friendly, containing minimal amounts of phosphates, bleaches or chemical agents that cause damage to the environment or to the wall/surface.

Our specialist team of graffiti cleaners in Cardiff are trained to an extremely high standard in graffiti cleaning techniques and offer great customer service, we promise the job will be undertaken professionally and safely.

Safe and Reliable Graffiti Cleaning

We carry out a full analysis of your graffiti cleaning requirements and decide how we can best deliver them. We’ll put together the right package for you to ensure you save money and get a quality cleaning service. We always complete a risk assessment and as always all the products we use are environmentally friendly and wont damage the surface being cleaned.

We also have a sister company that offers Clean Advertising that takes graffiti removal to another level. Instead of clean off graffiti, they offer to clean graffiti on. Using specialised techniques they with clean a wall to create adverts or artwork onto the dirty wall.

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